Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

Baju bodo


In indonesia has many cultures, both national culture, local culture, and culture of foreign origin that has existed in indonesia before the indonesia independence in 1945. Regional culture is reflected in various aspects of community life throughout the indonesian region. Each region has its own characteristics different cultures.
Indonesian culture though varied. But, basically formed and influenced by other great cultures such as tiongkhoa culture, india culture, and arab culture.
Diverse cultures in indonesia ranging from costum, homes, dances, songs, music, musical instruments, food, chlothing, and ect.
One example is baju bodo clothing enginaring from south sulawesi, indonesia.
Baju bodo is the traditional clothing of women bugis, sulawesi. Baju bodo rectangular, usually short sleeved top that is half the elbow sleeves. Baju bodo also known as one of the oldest in the world of fashion. According to costum bugis every colour of clothes worn by women. Baju bodo bugis show any age or dignity of the wears. Clothing is often use for costum events such as wedding, but now baju bodo start in the revitalization through other events such as dance competition or grand welcome guests.
Baju bodo is more commonly known as bugis and at this present time began to be used by women also favored other tribes. Between the baju bodo and the baju labbu that both the length down. Only a difference in the sleeves. Short ang long terms in both kinds of clothes that just knowing hands. Not in the habit of women who have a husband that wear baju bodo misspelled. Baju bodo a true red colour, due to the difference that colour is to indicate difference in women who wear it, whether she was a girl or have a husband. Is wearing baju bodo way it should be in put into the body through the head. Silk sarong he was wearing, its upper end in the left armpit, while the edges are whit the fingertips.
So baju bodo is a beautiful and unique culture and we must keep that.

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